A powerful singer rooted in both Americana and soul, Amy Black has a voice incapable of artifice. She just tells it like it is. Black’s got Muscle Shoals, Alabama in her blood, and that region’s musical spirit comes out loud and clear both in the recording studio on stage. She’s touring as part of her horn-drenched Muscle Shoals Music Revue.

Born and raised in the South (Missouri and Alabama), Black and her family relocated to Boston- culturally as far from Muscle Shoals as possible. While always immersed in music and singing through her childhood (in church) and into college (singing in several bands), Black enjoyed a successful non-music career in marketing well into her adult life. It wasn’t until the late 2000’s that, after attending several open mic nights, Black returned to the music world, forming a rootsy Americana outfit called Amy Black and the Red Clay Rascals.  They released a self-produced collection of classic country covers in 2009, and began gigging heavily around New England.  In 2010 (after dropping the Red Clay Rascals moniker), Black released her first solo record, One Time, a sterling set of covers and originals that included guests luminaries like fiddler Stuart Duncan and folk artist Mark Erelli.

Black and her band began touring the East Coast with regularity, and her sound began incorporating more of the soul music of her Alabama youth. Indulging this foray into soul, she recorded the Muscle Shoals Session EP in 2013 at Muscle Shoals’ historic FAME studio with help from the legendary Spooner Oldham on keyboards. The following year Black recorded and released This Is Home, an album of all originals that captured Black’s country soul hybrid sound and featured roots music heroes Will Kimbrough and Oliver Wood (of the Wood Brothers). As her sound has continued its pivot towards the South, so has Black herself, the singer moving to Nashville a few years back. In 2015 Black returned to FAME studios to make a full-length recording showcasing her Muscle Shoals roots. The album’s seamless blend of Americana and soul was a critical success, further cementing Black’s startling late career renaissance. The Muscle Shoals Music Revue finds Amy and her band performing classic songs originally recorded in Muscle Shoals by Otis Redding, Wilson Pickett, Rolling Stones, Aretha Franklin, Etta James, Lou Rawls, and others.

“a powerful, authentic, talented and above all soulful new entry in the rootsy singer/songwriter ranks” -American Songwriter

Opening Act: Melissa Greener