Rockport Chamber Music Festival
Friday, June 29, 11 AM

Virtuosity–The Cliburn

Post-screening talk led by Van Cliburn Foundation CEO Jacques Marquis
Virtuosity – The Cliburn follows the most gifted young pianists on the planet as they try to make a name for themselves at the 2013 Van Cliburn International Piano Competition. The pressure is overwhelming because the stakes are so high: prize money, concert bookings, a recording contract, a career.  As different as they are as people, these young musicians share a single reality: winning The Cliburn would change their lives overnight. Free, no tickets required.  Learn More

Rockport Chamber Music Festival
Friday, July 6, 11 AM

Exit Music

Post-screening talk led by ARC Ensemble Artistic Director Simon Wynberg

How music was hi-jacked under the Third Reich and the recovery of the works it banned.  Before the arrival of Adolf Hitler in 1933, Germany was the center of the musical world. Within five years thousands of musicians had fled the country as the Nazi regime tightened its race laws and attempted to fashion its own cultural image.  Free, no tickets required. Learn More