Known for their ethereal, gauzy take on folk, alternative rock and country, the Toronto-based Cowboy Junkies have forged an impressive 30 year career, scoring several hit singles like “Sweet Jane” and “Misguided Angel,” a handful of critically-acclaimed albums, and a dedicated throng of loyal fans. 

Comprised of siblings Margo (vocals) Michael (guitar) and Peter (drums) Timmins, as well as bassist Alan Anton, the Cowboy Junkies created a unique and instantly recognizable sound formed around Margo’s hauntingly beautiful voice and the band’s alt-country/folk/blues hybrid style. Starting out in the mid 80’s, the band gained a fervent local following in and around Toronto and released their debut record on their own Latent label called Whites Off Earth Now!!! in 1986.   That debut caught the attention of major labels and in 1988 the band came out with The Trinity Sessions on RCA. It would go on to become one of the most popular and beloved records of the late 80’s and generated a massive response from fans and critics alike. Boosted by singles like their cover of the Velvet Underground’s classic “Sweet Jane” and their own “Misguided Angel,” The Trinity Sessions was certified platinum in the U.S. (double platinum in Canada). 

Throughout the next decade the band continued to record and tour extensively, releasing several Gold-certified albums including Black Eyed Man (1992) Pale Sun, Crescent Moon (1993) and Lay It Down (1996) which featured the now ubiquitous hit “Angel Mine.” In the following decades the band has taken hold of their business, releasing records on their own latent label and devoting time to live performance around North America and Europe. 

In June 2007, Cowboy Junkies performed alongside the Boston Pops at Boston Symphony Hall conducted by Keith Lockhart. The Junkies’ most recent project was an ambitious one, creating the Nomad Series, an 18-month cycle that produced four albums built around common (but separate) narratives. Renmin Park, Demons, Sing in my Meadow and Wilderness were released separately and then all together on a box set entitled Nomad.


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