Though only 24, jazz wunderkind Grace Kelly has already hit more creative and commercial milestones than most established veterans. The Los Angeles by-way-of-Brookline saxophonist has created a sound and style heady enough to satisfy hard-core jazz fans while also providing enough pop and groove flair to appeal to a wider audience.

"Grace Kelly plays with intelligence, wit and feeling." - Wynton Marsalis

When an artist sells out their first-ever gig at Boston’s world-renowned Scullers Jazz Club, people take notice. Especially if that artist is 11 years old. Grace Kelly has been wowing audiences since a pre-teen, her adept saxophone playing and intricate compositions belying her age. But Kelly proved more than just a talented kid with a horn. She has developed into a true artist, capable of fusing a host of differing influences into a unique vision wholly her own.  

As a teen, Kelly honed her bebop chops until she could comfortably share the stage and work alongside sax legends like Lee Konitz (her former teacher) and Phil Woods.  Her compositional strengths do not take a backseat to her playing, however, as evidenced by her invitation to play her song at Symphony Hall with the Boston Pops.  After graduating from Berklee School of Music at age 19 (she enrolled at 16), Kelly has begun to return the favor, leading residency workshops at her alma mater. She has now released nine records since her debut in 2005, all critically-acclaimed efforts that have explored different facets of her expanding artistry.

In more recent years, Kelly has begun singing more in performances and on her records, adding another layer to her already beguiling mix of jazz and pop. In early 2016, this shift to infuse contemporary pop and R&B into her already precocious jazz chops came to fruition with the release of the acclaimed record Trying to Figure It Out, a record unafraid to wade in more mainstream pop waters.  In 2016, Kelly wrote the anthem and theme song for the gender equality organization She’s the First and released it as a single on iTunes.


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