Dweezil Zappa, guitar | Scheila Gonzalez, saxophone, flute, keyboards & vocals
Ben Thomas, vocals | Chris Norton, keyboards & vocals | Ryan Brown, drums

Who better to interpret the genius of Frank Zappa than his own son? Dweezil Zappa is keeping the musical legacy of his legendary father alive with a series of tours called Zappa Plays Zappa. The fully orchestrated band, complete with video integration of the elder Zappa performing along with his son and band, is a complex, entertaining, fun, sophisticated and rare experience! With a handpicked band of young musicians, the younger Zappa celebrates his father’s classic album Roxy & Elsewhere by performing the album in full!

After decades of exploring a wide range of artistic endeavors from his early heavy metal days in the 80’s to his stints in television and as an MTV VJ, Dweezil fully embraced the music of his legendary dad, and dove headfirst into creating the Zappa Plays Zappa project. This includes a full touring schedule and an acclaimed live record Return of the Son of… in 2010.  For fans of Frank Zappa (or fans of experimental, progressive rock), it just doesn’t get any better than this.

“Close your eyes for a second and you could be at a gig at the height of Frank’s fame in the Seventies.”
The Independent (U.K.)


Saturday, July 5, 3 PM

Dweezil Zappa Guitar Masterclass-Dweezilla On the Road

For the price of a fuzz pedal, learn techniques from the son of Frank Zappa! Dweezil Zappa’s music camp, Dweezilla, has a motto “Learn and Destroy.” It refers to destroying the boundaries that confine music creativity. While on tour with Zappa Plays Zappa, Dweezil will be previewing some of the guitar concepts he teaches at camp in a special masterclass prior to each concert.

“I transformed my guitar technique before starting Zappa Plays Zappa out of necessity to play my dad’s most sophisticated and challenging melodies,” says Dweezil.  “I’ve found a lot of exciting new approaches to the guitar and so Dweezilla music camp is a way to share this information with guitarists. I’m excited to present an opportunity to share thoughts on my approach to guitar with students of all levels before each show on tour.”

Check out Zappa’s Masterclass Video!

Masterclass Tickets: $75
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