Proceeds from the gala fund are critical to meet the immediate needs of Rockport Music.  A generous donor is underwriting the event costs  so that all contributions are 100% tax deductible. Your gift will help us bridge the gap caused by lost ticket revenue, thus ensuring the fiscal health of Rockport Music. You can be proud that your gift will allow us to continue to bring the gift of music to all, now needed more than ever!

Please Note: All contributions are tax deductible to the full extent of the law. Donors may make gifts from donor advised funds, IRA Rollovers and other charitable giving vehicles.



Gala Chair
Jeannie McIntyre

Gala Committee
Dianne Anderson
Amanda Armstrong
Pamela Bynum
Robert Cassady
Susan Crown
Nina Doggett
Karen Hanson
Eileen Mueller
Pat Petrou
Andrée Robert
Kathy Skrabut
Naomi Stonberg
Linda Teahen
Thi Linh Wernau
Margaret Ziering

Rockport Music is a 501(c)3 organization. Your participation supports Rockport Music’s commitment to enriching lives by offering exceptional musical performances and providing learning opportunities that deepen a love of music and connect artists and audiences.

For more information about Rockport Music’s Virtual Gala, please contact Susan Rogers,
Development Officer, at:
978.546.7391 ext. 106 or


Photo Credit (top): Michael Lutch

Rockport Music gratefully acknowledges the generosity of the following individuals: 

Gold Sponsor: $20,000 – $100,000
Gene and Nina Doggett

Silver Sponsor: $10,000 – $24,999
Susan Gray
Garth and Lindsay Greimann
Susanne Guyer and Thad Carpen
Jeannie and Angus McIntyre
Patricia Petrou
Linda Walker
Thi Linh and Peter Wernau

Bronze Sponsor: $5,000 – $9,999
Dianne Anderson
Jill and Stephen Bell
Sharon Bonner
Robert and Deborah Cassady
Kathe and Allan Cohen
Frank and Mary Fritsch
Jerry and Margaretta Hausman
Debbie and Jack Henning
Sandra Jesse
Gretchen and Ned Morse
Joe and Eileen Mueller
Stephen C. Perry and Oliver Radford
David and Marie Louise Scudder
Jolinda and Bill Taylor

Partner: $2,500 – $4,999
J.J. and Jackie Bell
Thomas Burger and Andrée Robert
Mollie and John Byrnes
Bill and Rose Hausman
William and Janet James
Sandra and Peter Lawrence
Barbara and David Roberts
Martha and Mel Rosenblatt
Eugene and Kathleen Skrabut

Ann Batchelder and Bruce Sunstein
David and JoEllen Sweet
Susan and Bill Wagner

Benefactor: $1,250 – $2,499
Edward and Sheila Becker
Dr. Diane Chen Koch-Weser
Linzee Coolidge

Susan and Ian Crown
Phil and Eve Cutter

Donna Fairservice
Eloise and Arthur Hodges
Mary Ann McGovern

Mr. and Mrs. Everett Morss
Nick and Jean Rees
Liz Fragola and Nick Senzamici

Hinda Simon
Randall and Laura Stevens
Jeffrey and Naomi Stonberg
Rich and Cynthia Tennant
Daniel Waters and Penny Pilzer
Charles and Margaret Ziering

Patron: $1,000 – $1,249
Glenn and Patricia Alto
Jim and Chris Barker
Peter Calkins and Susan Casey
Sarah and J. Gibson Carey
Nancy Coolidge
David and Sarah Damassa
Lois Brynes and Serena Hilsinger
Alice and Ken Erickson
Nancy Leavitt
Martha and Warren Salinger
Ruth Shane and Barry Gartell
Maura Wadlinger
Rev. and Mrs. Luther Zeigler

Friend: $750 – $999
Joanne Del Dotto

Mary E. Malone
Jim Wisdom

Steward: $500 – $749
Beate Becker-Vavak
Jill and Frank G. Berson, M.D.
Vallee Bordinaro and Anthony Lobello
Samuel W. Coulbourn
Priscilla Deck and Sean Kelly
Christopher and Jane Deering
John Downer
Ed Fanning
Marion and Steve Hall
Inge S. Hoffman
Shirley and Charles Hurwitz
Peter and Karen Koch-Weser

Stephen and Sigrid Lindo
James and Kristina MacDougall
Glenn Parker
William C Rand
Seymour and Cameron Smith
Linda and Brian Teahen

Susan and David Turnbull
Peter and Kathleen Van Demark

Supporter: $250 – $499
Mary K. Ball and Amnon Goldman
Ulrike Brisson
David Co0per and Adelaide MacMurray-Cooper
Daniel Deykin

Linda J. Dusman
Richard Einhorn and Julie Nagazina
Arthur Ensroth and Barbara Waszczak
Diane Faissler
Lauren and Paul Gudonis
Herb and Meg Hollender
Karen Wise and George Langer

Peter and Elaine Lucas
Nancy F. McConnell
Leslee Shlopak

Newt and Judy Spurr
Jane Weingarten
Charles and Rosalind Wyman

Associate: Under $249
Sue Adams
Howard Amidon and Lisa Tellekson
Peg Anderson
Paul William Austin
Keith Powers and Jacqueline Ball
Patsy Benincasa
Tamara Bliss

Helen Parker Brown
Roberta Brown
Andrew and Margaret Calkins
Ellen Canavan
Tracy Cassidy
Frances R. Caudill
Craig and Suzanne Cervo
Dan Chen
Mrs. I. W. Colburn

Jean Conlin
Dan Connell and Debbie Hird
Phil and Laurie Crotty

Mike and Cheryl Crounse
Mark and Jackie Curley
James and Beverly Davies
Brent Davison
Julia and Mike Donnelly
Susan Duboc
Charlie Sayre and Blake Ellis
Richard and Carrie Fitzpatrick
Kate Wollensak Freeborn
Marion M. Frost
Monica M. Fuchs
Paul Geffen
Eileen and Rabbi Myron Geller
Elizabeth Dunstan Gibbons
Pamela Griffin
Polly Spiegel and Peter Grossman
Laura Hallowell
Susan and Ed Hand
Roy Harris and Eileen McIntyre

Beth Houston
Dean and Carol Jennings
Stacey Kacoyanis
Michael C. King
Sharon and Earl Kishida
Seth Lachterrman
Jan and Ron Lamkin
Bill and Anne McCants
Barbara Merrill
Jessica Lanier and Greg Morell
Sarah Mowitt

Kathie Larsen
Hon. Stephen M. Limon
Michael Lipton and Catherine Bayliss
Judy and Mark Lurie
Robert and Maryellen Magner
Cheryl Mazer
Sarah Mowitt
John and Bettina Norton

Kathyrn Pearson
Pauline Peters
R. Lynn Rardin and Lynne A. O’Connell
Karen Ristuben
Lynn Salinger and Rex Morrill
Julia Sayre Donnelly
Lauren Sottile
Kathleen Ulman

(List as of July 15, 2020 and updated weekly)