Arlo Guthrie’s father Woody hoped one day to have enough kids to form a family band, traveling the country and singing their songs together – Generations. The Re:Generation tour is the spirit of an American family making music together. Arlo’s children Abe and Sarah Lee will be joining their dad to present music of the Guthrie Generations. 

A genuine member of folk music royalty, Arlo Guthrie continues to plumb the depths of the American musical spirit with his remarkable live performances that feature classic songs from his nearly 50 year career, as well as his trademark wry humor and storytelling.

The son of folk music icon Woody Guthrie, Arlo has proudly carried on the musical legacy of his beloved dad, creating a repertoire that now constitutes a treasure trove of folk and counter culture classics. Guthrie’s vast back catalog includes iconic hits (“City of New Orleans”) cult favorites (“Alice’s Restaurant Massacree”) hippie anthems (“Coming into Los Angeles”) and deeply intimate tracks (“Darkest Hour”). His mark on the folk music canon has been firmly established.

Known for such iconic hits as "City of New Orleans"

Born in Brooklyn, Guthrie was raised in an environment surrounded by a coterie of his parents’ artistic friends (Pete Seeger, Cisco Houston, Ramblin’ Jack Elliot, among many others), so it was no surprise that he followed his own musical muse. He became a regular fixture in the booming folk revival of the 60’s, developing his own particular style and unique voice. His high profile performances at demonstrations and social justice/protest rallies quickly made him a well-known figure and face of the political folk movement. Guthrie’s career really took off in 1967 with the release of his now iconic Alice’s Restaurant album (which would later become the basis for a film of the same name starring Arlo). Lauded appearances at the Newport Folk Festival and Woodstock would further cement Guthrie’s burgeoning popularity. His smash hit cover of Steve Goodman’s “City of New Orleans” was released in 1972 and has since gone on to become an enduring American standard that will be forever associated with Arlo and his singular style.

Guthrie continued recording and performing throughout the decades, in the process starting his own independent record label called Rising Son. In addition to his music, Guthrie has stayed active in raising awareness and consciousness for a multitude of causes and projects. In 1991, he purchased the old Trinity Church near Stockbridge, MA, which is now home to The Guthrie Center and The Guthrie Foundation. The Guthrie Center is a not-for-profit interfaith church foundation dedicated to providing a wide range of local and international services. The Guthrie Foundation is a separate not-for-profit educational organization that addresses issues such as the environment, health care, cultural preservation and educational exchange.

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