Descended from Brazilian music royalty, Bebel Gilberto has taken the musical torch from her iconic parents- bossa nova legend João Gilberto and singer Miúcha- and injected her own unique musical style that mixes samba, pop, jazz and electronica. She’s touring in support of her acclaimed record Tudo.

Considering her musical lineage, it’s not surprising that Bebel Gilberto grew up immersed in music. Essentially her career began in childhood as she recorded with her mother at age 7, and performed at Madison Square Garden with her two years later). Shuttling between New York City (where her father had moved) and Rio de Janeiro (her mother’s residence), Bebel soaked up a rich stew of musical influences, and made her own recording debut in 1986.  Since then, Gilberto has recorded seven studio albums and garnered several Latin Grammy nominations in the process.

Not one to be hemmed in by genre boundaries, Bebel’s sound has evolved over time. Her U.S. recording debut came in 2000 with Tanto Tempo, a release that essentially introduced Gilberto to the world on a large scale. Combining loungey bossa nova with subtle underpinnings of electronica, Tanto Tempo became a global hit.

Subsequent records found Gilberto exploring more acoustic and jazz-accented sounds, including 2009’s All in One which came out on the historic Verve label and boasted hit producers like Mark Ronson (Amy Winehouse) and Mario Caldato Jr. (Beastie Boys), but it’s Gilberto’s rich, silken voice that remains the star throughout all of her recordings.

In 2014 Gilberto came out with Tudo, her first album in five years, and featured seven original compositions a duet with Brazilian superstar Seu Jorge. NPR called the album a work of “immaculate execution…the perfect Brazilian mix of chill and melancholy.”  The title track went on to be nominated for “Best Brazilian Song” at the Latin Grammy Awards.