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Rockport Music is not qualified to give legal or tax advisory service. You should always consult your legal or financial advisor when considering a planned gift.























A bequest is a gift made at death through your will or trust. A bequest, whether large or small, provides important future financial support for Rockport Music. Bequest donors also qualify for membership in Rockport Music’s Linden Tree Society.

There are three types of bequests to Rockport Music: 

  1. a specific dollar amount
  2. a percentage or a fraction of your estate
  3. the residue of your estate after all of your specific bequests have been accomplished

Because the value of an estate is constantly changing, percentage bequests are encouraged. This type of bequest increases in value as your assets increase, and decreases should your assets diminish.

 Additionally, a variation of these types of bequests is a bequest in trust. This provides income to another individual for life with the trust principal coming to Rockport Music upon the death of the income beneficiary.  

The bequest is the simplest means of making a gift at death. Your attorney may be able to accomplish this addition to your will through a simple codicil. The following is sample bequest language for you to share with your attorney:

“I give and bequeath to Rockport Music, Inc., a Massachusetts charitable corporation, or its successor, Federal Tax Identification Number: 22-2479696, the sum of $________ (or its equivalent in value) or, ____ % of my residuary estate, for its unrestricted purposes.”

Although an unrestricted bequest is of special value because of the freedom to use it wherever and however needed, some Rockport Music donors understandably have special interests that they may desire to promote or support.


You may designate the use of your bequest to Rockport Music for such purposes as support of the education programs or the performance center, including the Shalin Liu Performance Center Building Preservation Endowment. A bequest can also be used to create a new, named permanent endowment fund if the bequest amount meets the then-minimum to establish such a fund.  

If a gift is restricted, it is desirable to include the following clause: 

If in the opinion of the Trustees of Rockport Music, Inc. my gift cannot be usefully applied for such purpose, this bequest may be used for another purpose which the Trustees believe is most in keeping with my expressed wishes and intent.”

It is recommended that any specified purposes be described as broadly as possible and that detailed limitation and restrictions be avoided. Donors should consult Rockport Music’s Development Office before drafting a detailed plan for a specified purpose to ensure that the organization will be able to honor your wishes. 


For purposes of legally naming Rockport Music in a bequest, the full corporate name should be used:

Rockport Music, Inc., a Massachusetts charitable corporation, or its successor, Federal Tax Identification Number: 22-2479696.

Please remember to always consult with an attorney when contemplating a bequest.