The temple dancer Nikiya and the warrior Solor fall deeply in love, igniting heated passions and murderous intrigues when the Rajah and his daughter Gamzatti discover their forbidden love. La Bayadere is one of the greatest works in classical ballet history – a story of love, death and vengeful judgment, set in India. Dazzling sets and costumes, with one of the most iconic scenes in ballet, the “Kingdom of the Shades,” illuminate the tragic tale of the temple dancer Nikiya’s doomed love for the warrior Solor, and their ultimate redemption. A must-see theatrical event.

PLEASE NOTE (from the Bolshoi Ballet):

The Bolshoi Ballet maintained the original Petipa production (from 1877), and therefore includes the portrayal of Indian characters in blackface in the scene with the bronze idol. It is completely understandable there may be sensitivities from audience members.

The characters are on stage very briefly and are there to provide scenery, same as the fan bearers who are seated in the back, while they watch the bronze idol dance. However, please consider that historically, this is what was set and it is truly not meant to display any type of degrading imagery or ideals.  

 200 minutes

Tickets: $22 Adults/ $15 Students & Seniors/$5 Youth