The Concert Choir takes the stage to open the door on self-esteem and beauty. In this moving and exciting performance, our singers explore the challenges facing young people today, and the bravery in believing in yourself. Prepare to be inspired as you listen to the voices of some of Boston’s rising stars empowering themselves and others to look in the mirror and see confidence and respect.

 “angelic and dazzling”- The Boston Globe

Boston Children’s Chorus harnesses the power of music to connect our city’s diverse communities, cultivate empathy, and inspire social inquiry. This season, we explore hidden figures throughout history and today. Our concerts lift up narratives that include ancestors, body image, and archetypes perpetuated by society. As our community celebrates the 100th anniversary of the U.S. Constitution’s 19th Amendment, we recognize our nation’s progress to achieving gender equity. Join us on this journey to inquire and shine a light on the path toward gender equity through song – breaking the glass. #BreakingtheGlass