The iconic Canadian troubadour has left quite a mark, inspiring thousands of aspiring songwriters to follow in his rather enormous footsteps. Having written some of the most beloved songs in the folk canon, including classics like “Early Morning Rain” and “For Lovin’ Me,” as well as 70’s pop hits like “Sundown” and “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald” among countless others, Lightfoot is acknowledged as one of the greatest songwriters of the modern era.

Lightfoot cut his teeth in the folk clubs and coffeehouses of Toronto in the early 60’s, becoming a regional hitmaker on Canadian radio. He soon became known for his songwriting prowess, with many of his tunes being covered by some of the biggest names in folk music including Ian & Sylvia and Peter, Paul & Mary (who had hits with Lightfoot’s “Early Morning Rain” and For Lovin’ Me”). Country star Marty Robbins enjoyed a #1 hit covering his song “Ribbon of Darkness” in 1965.

One of the greatest songwriters of the modern era...

Lightfoot’s own star began to rise with his debut record, Lightfoot!, released on the United Artists label in 1966. In the next three years, he recorded three critically acclaimed albums (and one livealbum), earning him a massive following in his native Canada, but commercial success eluded him in the U.S. After switching to Reprise Records, Lightfoot finally broke through in America with the title track cracking the Top Ten in 1970. As the decade moved on, his sound began moving away from the literate folk narratives of the 60’s and into a more country and pop inflected sound. Lightfoot’s evolving style was perfectly encapsulated in 1974’s smash hit, “Sundown,” a breezy slice of country pop that has become one of his most iconic songs. He enjoyed several more pop hits in the mid 70’s, including “Carefree Highway,” “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald” “Rainy Day People” and “Cold on the Shoulder” among many others.

Despite some serious health scares (in 2002 and in 2006) that forced hiatuses, the 79 year old legend has continued touring, even returning to England for a run of shows in 2016- his first time touring England since 1985. Despite his advanced age, there still is quite a spring in Gordon Lightfoot’s step, his unmistakable baritone and winning way with a melody remaining undimmed.

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