Jordana Greenberg, violin, vocals | Michelle Younger, banjo, vocals | Maria di Meglio, cello, vocals

Harpeth Rising is known for its musical genre-bending fusing folk, newgrass, rock and classical into a sound that is organically unique. Their music includes expansive three-part harmonies, consummate musicianship and a deft yet soulful lyrical perspective. Harpeth Rising’s roots run deep – from their varied ancestry across Eastern Europe to the musical hotbed of the Mid-South they now call home, they weave together ancient and modern ideas, expressing themselves through the common thread of all peoples—folk music.

“The vanguard of a new species of progressive folk music.” The No Surf Review

“We don’t set out to create something different, we just write in a way that is true to ourselves while trying to always expand and explore the new influences in our lives.” says Greenberg. “We’re aware of genre divisions, we’re just not bound by them.”

Despite the presence of only three string instruments on stage, the three women produce a profusion of sound generally created by a much larger ensemble. Their live performances are high-energy kinetic events that have taken them to folk festivals across England and the United States. Building their fan base in the tradition of all wandering minstrels – passionately and by word-of-mouth – they now perform internationally to sold-out audiences.  Their most recent recording is Tales from Jackson Bridge and other albums including Harpeth Rising (2010), Dead Man’s Hand (2011), and The End of the World (2012).

“An Americana Sensation” – WSM 650

“The future of original string music…”  Moonlight on the Mountain

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