If you have additional questions or a gift to distribute to Rockport Music, please contact:

Kathy Urner-Jones
Senior Development Officer
Rockport Music
16 Main Street
Rockport, MA  01966

T: 978-546-7391 ext. 132

Rockport Music is not qualified to give legal or tax advisory service. You should always consult your legal or financial advisor when considering a special gift.







Rockport Music’s legal name and address:

Rockport Music, Inc.
16 Main Street
Rockport, MA  01966

Rockport Music’s Federal Tax ID Number:

Rockport Music’s Tax Identification Number is 22-2479696

Can my client make an anonymous gift?

Rockport Music treats all gifts and gift inquiries with confidentiality, and we will certainly respect stated requests for anonymity. We hope that your client will be willing to inform us of his or her estate plans in confidence, however, so that we can say thank you and make sure that we can honor any special requests. Such confidential disclosures also allow Rockport Music to better plan for the future.

Can my client restrict an estate gift to Rockport Music?

For gifts likely to be received many years in the future, Rockport Music encourages unrestricted gifts. However, we understand that some donors may have a special interest in supporting a particular area. Estate gifts may be directed to Rockport Music for such purposes as support of the education programs or the Performance Center, including the Shalin Liu Performance Center Building Preservation Endowment. If a gift is restricted, we encourage that the following clause be included: “If in the opinion of the Trustees of Rockport Music, Inc. my gift cannot be usefully applied for such purpose, this bequest may be used for another purpose which the Trustees believe is most in keeping with my expressed wishes and intent.” 

If your client is interested in making a restriction on his/her estate gift, we encourage broad restrictions that will allow Rockport Music to fulfill the donor’s wishes in the future and ask that you contact us to discuss appropriate language.