One of the leading lights of the 60’s “flower power” movement and founder of The Youngbloods, singer-songwriter Jesse Colin Young remains a vibrant musical force. Most known for his 1969 smash hit “Get Together,” which continues to be an iconic anthem for peace and tolerance to this day, Young has forged a long-sustaining career built on his soaring tenor, infectious melodies and thought-provoking lyrics.

A Queens native, Jesse Colin Young got his start in the thriving folk scene of Greenwich Village in the early 60’s. He released two solo acoustic records (Soul of a City Boy, Young Blood) before hooking up with Jerry Corbitt, Lowell Levinger and Joe Bauer to form the folk rock band The Youngbloods. Signed by MCA Records, The Youngbloods released their eponymous debut in 1967 and had a minor charting hit with the folk pop tune “Grizzly Bear.” Their sophomore effort Earth Music, released on the heels of their debut failed to yield much radio play, but in 1969 the National Council of Christians and Jews chose the rousing peace anthem “Get Together” from their debut as its television theme song, and suddenly the song became a retroactive Top Ten hit.  Capitalizing on their newfound popularity, The Youngbloods put out a string of acclaimed hit records, (Elephant Mountain, Ride the Wind) all with that same amalgam of folk, blues, rock and country.

Going solo after several well-received records with the Youngbloods, Jesse Colin Young focused on his own songwriting and following his artistic muse.   In 1972 he released the well-received Together, and the following year he came out with what many critics claim as his solo masterpiece, Song for Juli, which stayed on the Billboard Top 200 chart for nearly a year. Through the next several years he released several critically-acclaimed albums that showcased Young broadening his sonic palette, recording breakthrough tracks from country fusion to jazz fusion to blues rock that received airplay on radio stations across America.

During his exploding solo career during the 1970’s, Jesse also continued giving back by helping establish the No Nukes movement. Involved from the very beginning, Jesse closed the 1979 No Nukes concert and movie joined by legends Jackson Browne, Stephen Stills, and Graham Nash singing The Youngblood’s anthem “Get Together.”

Throughout his professional life of recording and touring, Jesse has always taken the time to dedicate his life to giving back to the world. He has performed on behalf of organizations ranging from the Dream Foundation and Saratoga Warhorse, to Prep Fest and the Kona Pacific Waldorf School, now the Kona Pacific Charter School. Holding environmental accountability, Veteran support and quality education as a moral code of action, Jesse remains committed and active as an individual and performer.

In the latter stage of his music career, Young moved around, from California’s Marin County, to Hawaii (for 12 years) to South Carolina, all the while writing, recording, and performing for his loyal fans. 2017 and 2018 will be productive times for Jesse. Starting September 2016 he began the re-release of his 1970’s LP catalogue starting with “Song For Juli” on Audio Fidelity. Jesse is currently working on a collection of new recordings to be released in 2018 and will plan a tour in the fall. 

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