Nicholas Tolle, artistic director

A Boston-based chamber ensemble specializing in modern music, the Ludovico Ensemble is known for its carefully curated programs focusing primarily on the European avant-garde. Founded by percussionist Nicholas Tolle, the group served as Ensemble-In-Residence at the Boston Conservatory for seven years. In 2010, the group released its first album featuring chamber music by the late Dana Brayton, and has since released recordings featuring the music of Marti Epstein, professor of composition at the Berklee College of Music and the Boston Conservatory, and Mischa-Salkind Pearl, composer-in-residence of the Ludovico Ensemble.  The group consists of many of the best new music specialists in Boston, and its instrumentation varies wildly from concert to concert as the repertoire demands. 

The group’s name is a tongue-in-cheek reference to the fictional medical treatment featured in the Anthony Burgess novel and Stanley Kubrick movie “A Clockwork Orange,” in which the protagonist is subjected to a classical conditioning regimen that induces nausea at the sight of violent or exploitative acts. Inadvertently, it also references the music of Beethoven. 

Free, no tickets required.