For ticketed concerts, the Shalin Liu Performance Center doors generally open one hour prior to concert time. When Rockport Music presents pre-concert lectures, the lecture typically begins one hour prior to the performance, so in those instances, the Shalin Liu Performance Center then opens 90 minutes prior to the concert.

During the summer months, please make certain you plan time for parking.


Rockport Music does not require a specific dress code. For classical concerts, patrons typically wear business casual to dressy business/social attire. For jazz, folk and other non-classical concerts, the attire tends to be more casual. Rockport is a summer vacation community, so summer concerts have a broad range of attire. Gala events sometimes indicate specific formal attire, but it is indicated on the invitations.

Late Seating

In Classical concerts, late seating will take place during the first convenient pause in the program.

In jazz, folk, world or pop concerts, late seating is more casual, but ushers may ask you to wait to be seated between pieces. Please check with an usher regarding when you may enter the concert hall.

During the Performance

Once a concert is underway, we request that you do not talk during the performance. If possible, please refrain from entering and exiting the hall while a performance is in progress. If you must leave your seat, please proceed quickly and quietly to the nearest door or ask the nearest usher for assistance.  Ushers are located at entrances and exits of the concert hall.

Electronic Devices

Cell phones and other electronic devices should be turned off or switched to silent mode.


For Classical concerts, please applaud at the close of a full work. The program page lists the individual movements and can help you follow the progress through each piece and determine the appropriate moments to applaud.

For jazz and other non-classical concerts, patrons are typically encouraged to applaud after a band member’s solo or a particularly well-played section.

Food and Beverage

For most concerts and events, food and beverage (including wine and beer) are available on the Third Floor Reception Hall of the Shalin Liu Performance Center.  However, no food or beverage is allowed inside the concert hall itself.

Cameras/Recording Equipment

Rockport Music does not allow camera and recording equipment in the concert hall without prior permission from the administration.


Smoking is prohibited in the Shalin Liu Performance Center.

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